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Merchant Fulfillment API Section Client Library - PHP - Version 2015-06-01

About this Library

  • Based on the v2015-06-01 API version.
  • Refers only to the MWSMerchantFulfillmentPHPClientLibrary-2015-06-01.zip file.

What's New?

For information about the latest updates to the client libraries for the Merchant Fulfillment API section, see "Client library updates" in the Merchant Fulfillment API section reference.

Package Content

Directory Overview
src Source distribution of the library. All sources, including code samples that demonstrate the use of the library, are located under this directory.


Quick Start

The library comes with code samples for each operation of the API section. To get started with the library, follow these steps:

  1. Extract the MWSMerchantFulfillmentPHPClientLibrary-2015-06-01.zip file into a working directory.
  2. Configure the project for your environment.
  3. Set your MWS endpoint by uncommenting the correct endpoint for your locale.
  4. Set your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.
  5. Set your Application or Company Name and Version Number.
  6. Set your Marketplace ID and Merchant ID.
  7. Run a sample by uncommenting the appropriate sections of code.